Robotron 2084

Robotron 2084

One of my favorite video games was Robotron 2084.

Compared to some of the ‘twitchy’ games of the time, this one was tons of fun with great graphics, and didn’t require fine-tuned hand-eye coordination.

This site is dedicated to the preservation/analysis and (interesting) dissection of this game from the ROM (Read-Only Memory) code from the platform.

These enthusiasts do a terrific job of reverse engineering the original work AND have the unique interest of the original authors!

ROMs for the hobbyist are not easy to come by and are mostly ‘black market’ but have been re-sold and re-packaged by the original publishers (or their current custodians) for a fee (‘royalty’) – so if you have legal rights to them… you can play for pay. sells HARDWARE ROMs for use in machines which are MAME based (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator) and are just amazing works of technical artistry by their contributors.

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