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About the CODEX

From Wikipedia : The word codex comes from the Latin word caudex, meaning “trunk of a tree”, “block of wood” or “book”). The codex began to replace the scroll almost as soon as it was invented. In Egypt, by the fifth century, the codex outnumbered the scroll by ten to one based on surviving examples. By the sixth century, the scroll had almost vanished as a medium for literature. The change from rolls to codices roughly coincides with the transition from papyrus to parchment as the preferred writing material, but the two developments are unconnected. In fact, any combination of codices and scrolls with papyrus and parchment is technically feasible and common in the historical record.

Technical documentation is difficult to capture and maintain and is also subject to revision and tweaking. The mechanism for maintaining such content is more conveniently managed in a Wiki format than a modern Web Content Management System WCMS format.

The CODEX is considered my How To and What About? archive. Anything that is not easily discovered and generally available on the web is contained in the CODEX and some of the codex content is considered limited audience and it won’t be visible to you because it requires authentication.